Monday, 29 December 2008

brighter than a lucky penny

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

So, how many times have I promised to do this? A lot! While I'm still debating what to write for my list of 99 truths (I'm hardly on 48), here is the promised entry on handmade things. Since it's no longer a secret, for Ralu's birthday has come and gone, this is to promote a good friend of mine, along with a great website and a nice project.

Kai is working towards a degree in art and in between classes, he makes sculptures, boxes and jewellery. Here are a couple of samples from his work:

This is only a sample and while it might seem bizarre, it is worth noting that it is certainly different from what I've seen here so far. No two earrings are alike, meaning you can mix and match. I'm sure that some arrangement can be reached with Kai, in the event of wanting to order. To date, he does not have an Etsy shop, but I'll keep you posted on when it exists.

Another website that warms my heart is Threadless, where I found beauties such as The Communist Party, this thing called sleep, artsy suicide and a passion for dance. And yes, I will be placing a hefty order there, because I love the designs and colours!

Finally, for the hip and cool people, buying handmade is the new awesome thing, as this website wants us to do. So, sign the pledge, flick through Threadless galleries and think about the quirky art of Kai.

A review for 2008 should follow, hopefully before the New Year rolls around! :D


Raluca said...

Yes! Yes! I loved the gift! It's so funny to give lengthy explanations to uni mates about where I got the earrings and necklace from :)) <3!

waste of paint said...

Haha, awesome! :D E unul din lucrurile alea cele mai misto, sa ai ceva ce nu poate fi gasit atat de usor. :)) <3!