Sunday, 18 January 2009

i did it my way

Am stat pe proiectul asta zile intregi, de parca il cloceam sau ceva de genul asta. Nu e ca si cum am scris despre alte lucruri super interesante. Ar fi prea usor sa dau vina pe munca, dar deh, ce sa fac. Lene, plus somn plus munca = no entry. Dar, cum peste o saptamana ajung si eu la glorioasa varsta de 21 ani, am decis sa incep o lista de genul New Year resolutions, cu un format diferit.

Ideea a fost preluata de aici. Anyway, e vorba de o lista cu 101 resolutions, de terminat in 1001 zile. Adica, daca voi incepe pe 25 ianuarie 2009, trebuie sa completez lista pana in 23 octombrie 2011. Sa vedem daca o sa pot sau nu! Toate telurile trebuie sa fie measurable. Nu poti spune: "Vreau sa slabesc." Spui "Vreau sa slabesc 7 kilograme."

Without further ado, my list.

1. Graduate in 2010 with a 1:1 (70% or higher).
2. Become fluent in German and finish the course with 1:1.
3. Learn enough French to be able to watch a film without subtitles.
4. Start learning Swedish. Know enough to translate this list.
5. Start learning Japanese. Know enough to translate this list.
6. Continue reading at least 50 books a year. Review at least half.
7. Finish the photography course at the Volkshochschule.

Blogs/online presence

8. Blog at least once a week on all blogs.
9. Keep the themed Sundays from this post.
10. Have a bi-monthly post about Germany. Include pictures.
11. Update my Flickr account every 2 months.
12. Start a podcast and update it monthly.

Photography & Crafts
13. Go on a photowalk around Stuttgart once a week.
14. Complete the 100 snapshots challenge.
15. Create a Polaroid folder and share it.
16. Create a scrapbook.
17. Send a postcard to PostSecret.
18. Knit a rainbow scarf for Bex.

19. Win NaNoWriMo.
20. Complete my series of short stories on the Zombie Apocalypse.
21. Write at least half of my novel.
22. Write fanfiction and post it at least every quarter.
23. Start the joint writing project with Bex.
24. Start a webcomic.
25. Write once a day, even if it just replies to RPGs. Stop slacking off!

Gaming and Geekery
26. Play at least one FPS (first person shooter). Blog about it.
27. Play at least one RPG (role play game). Blog about it.
28. Complete all Silent Hill games.
29. Complete one Zelda game (Wii, DS, whatever console).
30. Play at least one session of Dungeons and Dragons.
31. Participate in one LARP (live action role play).
32. Read one Marvel and one DC comic book or series.

Health and beauty (pfft)
33. Stand up straight.
34. Stop chewing your fingernails.
35. Go to a spa for a day.
36. Learn how to properly apply make up.
37. Dye your hair again.
38. Go swimming once a week.
39. Walk more, instead of relying on public transport.
40. Take the stairs at work every morning from now until July.
41. Buy/rent a bike and cycle through the city.
42. Eat at least 5 different types of fruit and veg a day.
43. Paint my nails at least once and do a good job.
44. Moisturise daily.

Travelling and adventure

45. Visit Prague.
46. Visit Oslo.
47. Visit Stockholm.
48. Visit Helsinki.
49. Visit Copenhagen.
50. Visit the Benelux.
51. Go on a trip through Europe.
52. Have a summer fling.
54. Swim with dolphins.
55. Go into an igloo for the night.
56. See Northern Lights.
57. See and feed a fox! <3

Music and culture
58. Go to at least one music festival a year.
59. See at least one band live outside of said festival.
60. Go to an anime con.
61. Visit different kinds of museums.
62. See one opera every three months at least.
63. See a classical music concert every quarter.
64. See one ballet performance every quarter.
65. Go to an alternative theatre performance.
66. See "The Lion King" or "Les Miserables" musicals.
67. Visit the European capital of culture for that year.

Volunteering and being green
68. Do a race for a charity of my choice.
69. Do a race/benefit for Cancer Research.
70. Join a march for Gay Rights.
71. Donate clothes and toys to charity in Romania.
72. Go to a kindergarten or under-funded school for a day and volunteer to help.
73. Get involved in a green campaign.
74. Stop taking plastic bags from shops and use my cloth ones.
75. Take better care of Martha and help her grow.

Friends and loved ones
76. Write a letter to a friend once a month.
77. Participate more actively in Postcrossing.
78. Get an apartment together with Him.
79. Meet my friends in Romania more often when I'm there.
80. Tell my parents I love them every time we talk.
81. Tell Him I love Him every day.
82. Meet someone I used to hold a grudge against and bury the hatchet.
83. Forgive more easily and not bring up the past in every single argument.

Cooking and food
84. Learn to cook 10 different medium to high difficulty meals.
85. Eat vegetarian for a week.
86. Try 15 different types of food I have never tried before.
87. Make a roast meal for Sunday dinner.
88. Bake a cake from one of mom's recipes.

89. Find a job after graduation!
90. Kiss Bex. <3
91. Learn how to juggle.
92. Snowboard at least once every winter for a week.
93. Go to a BDSM club with Him.
94. Get a piercing.
95. Watch one film a week and blog about it.
96. Get quoted at Damned.
97. Do an all-nighter again.
98. See Bill Bailey live.
99. Meet a celebrity (preferably someone like Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett) and get a book signed by them.
100. Save up €100 every month.
101. Donate €15 to an animal shelter for every goal I fail to accomplish. Of course, blogging about each achieved goal is understood!

As adauga si "smile more" dar poate ca atunci sunt prea ambitioasa! ;) In orice caz tot ar fi ceva sa termin si jumatate din lista. Ar fi interesant sa vad daca mai preia cineva ideea. Stiu ca la un moment dat Spadez discuta cu mine pe tema asta. In fine, important e sa te distrezi cu proiectul. Din 25 incep eu. Voi de cand?


ionuca said...

Draga Ale, nu are rost sa te mai plangi de your age. Am ajuns la concluzia ca varsta e ceva relativ, ca anii sunt un sistem inventat de oameni, ca de fapt imbatranim doar cand simti noi asta, nu cand "mai adaugam un an la cei pe care-i avem deja" :)

Ambitios si misto proiect! Sper sa realizezi tot ce ti-ai propus, it looks doable.

Eu nu as fi niciodata in stare de asa ceva. Imi lipsesc cu desavarsire vointa si ambitia :)

Dar sa stii ca iti tin pumnii si abia astept sa vad ce ai facut de pe lista!


Spadez said...

I'm still putting things on my list. But I'm in :-D

waste of paint said...

Ionuca --> De acord la partea cu varsta. Dar sincera sa fiu, am ajuns sa cred ca multi oameni te judeca bazat pe cati ani ai. Am cunoscut oameni de 20 ani cu mai mult creier decat cineva la 30 ani.

Asta m-am gandit si eu, sa fie ceva doable, nu doar ambitie si nimic mai mult. Si cum pentru orice goal implinit vreau sa scriu un entry... =) HUGS BACK! >:D<

Spadez --> Awesome, I cannot wait to read it! ^_^

Raluca said...

Whoooooo! Mult succes, Missuz! Am keeping my fingers crossed sa-ti iasa 1002 la numaratoarea finala! :D Gosh, I miss you! *huggg*! Keep us posted! :D:D:D Btw, the new layout rocks! It's so clean and crispy!

waste of paint said...

Raluca --> Haha, da! As vrea sa-mi iasa 1002, cred ca as bate orice record. :D Damn, I know, we really must catch up once you survive exams! Pai, cum pentru fiecare chestie vreau sa scriu un entry, vor fi cel putin 101 XD

Heee, cat m-am chinuit sa gasesc unul, ca ba nu arata data, ba era messed up. Asta chiar ca e ce-mi place. :D *hug! <3* Thank you

Raluca said...

Da, evident, eu voiam sa scriu 102 dar I got carried awaaaay :P 3 exams in 5 days and I'm freeee-freeee! This reminds me of Johnny Bravo. My brain is in tatters. :)) I keep laughing uncontrollably.

Now really, congrats for starting to write regularly! :D Btw, ai zis ca sa scrii pe toate blogurile. What other blogs? *blink*blink?*

Ah, si asa erau aranjate goal-urile, pe categorii sau a fost ideea ta absolut geniala care va fi adoptata si de persoane cu deficit grav de atentie si organizare? :P <3!!!!!

waste of paint said...

Eh, si 102 ar fi ceva :)) Oh man, Johnny Bravo, how long has it been since I've seen your epic awesome? Okay, sometimes it was pants-on-head retarded, but whatever :P

Daca nu puneam ca goal nu faceam. >_> Ma lasam pe tanjala, cum e stilul meu. Celalalt blog e LJ. :P Da, patetic, dar il tin in continuare.

Nu, nu. Poti sa faci 101 dar pe fotografie, par example, dar pt mine era mult mai usor sa le adun in categorii. Mi se pare mai organizat, nu stiu. Sa inteleg ca si tu te apuci? ;) <333333

Raluca said...

I dunno. Eu nu-s in stare sa mananc de dimineata ca mi-e lene sa ma trezesc. :)) Sad. Imi place cum le-ai impartit. I'll credit you. ;) Nu stiu. Sa vad cand termin cu scoala, in uichend. :D LJ is not pathetic! LJ is old school cool, mkay? :P

Raluca said...

Question, question: do I need a specific deadline for each goal or is it just the overall "do 101 things in 1001 days"?

waste of paint said...

Haha, credit XD Si cool, there is no rush. Starting date e oricand, la urma urmei. LJ is old school cool! How come you don't hang out there no more?

Daca vrei, poti, dar nu e nevoie/obligatoriu. Eu am doar overall goal, desi unele sunt self-explanatory (like graduation and stuff).